Education Access to quality education is critical for the future development, success and potential of a child. Through our community centres, we provide disadvantaged families with critical educational support for their children of all ages. Our education programmes include crèche (daycare), preschool, after-school tuition classes, and educational support for school dropouts.
Health and Nutrition
Crèche and Preschool
When it comes to a child’s development, the first few years of life are critical. It is during these years that the intergenerational cycle of poor education may be broken for the children of disadvantaged families. We provide parents with a ray of hope for their children’s futures through our 20 crèche and preschool programmes, which are located in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of Mumbai.

More than 1,400 young children of working mothers are currently enrolled in our day centres, where they are provided with a foundational education to prepare them for their formal schooling. These children, who are between the ages of 8 months and 5 years, are provided with nutritious meals, access to basic healthcare, and education in cleanliness and hygiene. Perhaps most importantly, they are provided a safe and caring environment during the day, allowing their parents to go to work to support the family.
Tuition (Tutoring) Classes
A number of factors impact on the academic performance of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These factors include parents who are illiterate or incapable of helping their children with their studies; small houses lacking a suitable space to study; or crowded municipal school classrooms where students do not receive individualized attention. We support these children, helping them succeed in their studies through after-school tuition programmes in six of our community centres. Children are provided with an environment conducive to learning, individualized attention, and homework assistance, as well as supplementary nutrition. This year, more than 300 school children benefited from our after-school tuition programmes.
Non-Formal Education for Dropouts
Financial pressure, household responsibilities, uneducated parents, neglect, and poor past performance are just some of the many reasons why a child from a disadvantaged background might drop out of school.

We provide non-formal education programmes for school dropouts in 6 of our community centres. These programmes provide young people with the educational basics, including basic literacy and math skills. These children are given individualized attention, and can also participate in recreational activities to help encourage and motivate them. If possible, we also prepare these children to return to school. This year, more than 300 children participated in these programmes.
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