Shelter Of all the deprived children in our society, street children are the most vulnerable. Many street children living in Mumbai have been abandoned, orphaned, victimized by abuse, or have parents who are simply unable to provide care or a roof over their heads.
Health and Nutrition
For the vulnerable children in the communities we serve, we offer a safe, permanent home in one of our three residential shelters. Our goal in running these full-time shelters is to provide a safe, home-like environment where the joys of childhood can be found. The children who live in our homes were previously denied the right to a normal childhood; however, through our programmes they can thrive, overcoming their pasts and planning for a brighter future.

Eighty children currently reside in our three permanent residential shelters, where they receive nurturing care, nutritious meals, counseling, and access to healthcare. These children are enrolled in local schools and also have access to tutoring and the opportunity to participate in creative and recreational activities.
Thane Home for Children
Located in one of Mumbai’s major suburbs, our Thane Home for Children was established in 2007 in response to the growing need for a safe residential environment for the children of commercial sex workers in the area. Today, 30 young girls and boys reside in this centre.
Reay Road Home for Boys
Located in South Mumbai, our Reay Road Home for Boys was established in 1998 in response to a growing number of boys in the area being neglected by their families or living on their own in the street. Today, 20 boys reside in this centre.
Sharanam Centre for Girls
Our flagship residential shelter is the Sharanam Centre for Girls – a small permanent residence for girls that opened its doors to children in need in 2000. Located in Mumbai’s Dharavi slum, Sharanam provides a permanent, loving home for 30 girls who were formerly homeless, destitute, neglected or abandoned. 

The Sharanam Centre is unique in its family environment and in the opportunities available to the girls who live there. All of the girls receive individualized attention, attend quality schools, speak English and are computer literate. They are also accomplished artists and dancers. The girls are encouraged to think independently, to develop their talents within and beyond their education, and to consider their dreams for the future. Our goal is for these children to complete their 12th standard, attend university or quality non-degree training programmes, and lead independent, full and productive lives
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